Alliance response to DUP allegation on energy from waste

Commenting on the allegations by DUP Councillor Trevor Clarke that Alliance opposed energy from waste at the recent Antrim Council meeting, Alliance Councillor Alan Lawther said: “We certainly believe that energy from waste will have a part to play in the sustainability strategy for Northern Ireland. We therefore entirely refute Cllr Clarke’s allegations.

“However, we have major concerns about the proposed site at Glenavy. It is immediately beside Lough Neagh, which is supposed to have the highest national and international environmental protection. There is also poor road infrastructure and limited opportunities to use the hot water which will be produced when electricity is generated. It appears to us that a site adjacent to an industrial area would maximise the energy efficiency.

“Cllr Clarke suggested that we had opposed the principle of energy from waste, rather than opposing the location. Perhaps he could explain why his DUP colleagues in Belfast City Council have rejected plans for energy from waste at the Duncrue industrial site, generally regarded as one of the best sites in Northern Ireland for this type of scheme.

“Alliance councillors believe that this proposal is so significant that a public inquiry should be held. In fairness to local poultry producers, this must be done as quickly as possible.”


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