Dodds could make money available for renewable energy – Neeson

Alliance Enterprise, Trade and Investment spokesperson Séan Neeson MLA has dismissed claims by the Finance Minister Nigel Dodds that there is not much that the Executive could do to combat rising fuel prices. Mr Neeson has said that the Executive could do something by investing in renewable energy, so that Northern Ireland consumers will not be affected so negatively by fluctuating fuel prices in the long-term.

Séan Neeson MLA said: “While Nigel Dodds may say that there is not much the Executive can do to combat the high cost of fuel, I would beg to differ.

“Nigel Dodds said he can do little, as the price of fuel is dictated by international pressures. Why does he not urge the Executive to invest in renewable energy? Investing in renewables would mean that prices would not be as susceptible to massive increases like those we have seen this summer. This strategy would show benefits in the long-term and we need to demonstrate real vision to alleviate the energy price crisis.

“If Nigel Dodds says he cannot do much, then that says a lot about the Executive parties which have done little to improve society in the 18 months that they have been in power.”


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