Alliance pushes DUP on integrated education and costs of division

Alliance Leader David Ford and Deputy Leader Naomi Long met the DUP today to discuss the current political situation. Among the topics discussed was action on a shared future, especially integrated education.

David Ford stated: “We don’t want to see another year of wasted opportunities by the Executive. We are pushing for progress on real issues which matter to the people who put us here in the Assembly, including education, finance and transport.

“We do not want to see another Executive programme which omits integrated education altogether. Yet again this week we have seen another survey showing that parental demand for integrated places is not being met. As well as clarity on the future transfer procedure for P6 pupils now, we need assurances that those seeking integrated education will be able to access it.

“We want to see the cost of division made central to the process, so that efficiency savings truly mean better efficiency, not the removal of vital services from people who need them.

“We want these issues are to be incorporated into the Executive’s thinking. The Alliance Party is determined to see a move away from petty tribal rows towards real delivery on the issues which matter to people, and we will play our role in securing this.”


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