Ford calls on everyone to attend peace rallies tomorrow

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA has called on people to attend one of the silent protest peace rallies planned in three venues around Northern Ireland tomorrow. The rallies, organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, will be held at Belfast City Hall, Derry’s Guildhall Square and Newry Town Hall at 1pm tomorrow.

David Ford said: “It is essential that the whole community stands united to show that there will be no return to violence.

“The peaceful silent protests tomorrow give everyone the perfect opportunity to show that we are all speaking as one to condemn the recent atrocities.

“What greater way is there to show these elements that they will never succeed than peaceful rallies across Northern Ireland. Peace works, politics works and unity works.

“Peace in Northern Ireland was hard won, it will not be lost because of a small minority of evil individuals. The will of the people will always prevail – People want peace and they will have it.”


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