Neeson raises the future of the schooner ‘Result’ in the Assembly

East Antrim Alliance MLA Seán Neeson has asked Minister Gregory Campbell to outline the future plans of the National Museums in relation to the presentation and display of the schooner “Result”.

Seán Neeson said: “The Result was brought back to Northern Ireland in 1970, and I always hoped that she would be fully restored. I am glad to say that she has joined SS Nomadic and HMS Caroline on the core collection of national historic ships. I asked the Minister to assure me that he would respond positively to the Committee for culture, Arts and Leisure’s report, which stated that there was a need to develop a policy for maritime heritage in Northern Ireland?

“The Minister said that Northern Ireland’s maritime history is very important and said he had discussed how to implement a museums policy with the Committee and was examining the best way to do so. He also acknowledged that a strategy has been outlined as one of the best ways to proceed.

“I look forward to the Minister delivering this type of strategy and I will continue to campaign on the issue until he does so.”


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