Executive should today overturn Foster’s EPA refusal following petition

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the Executive must today start the process of overturning Arlene Foster’s decision to refuse to create an Environmental Protection Agency. The Executive is meeting this afternoon, and David Ford last week submitted a petition signed by 30 MLAs compelling it to examine her assessment and take a collective decision on the matter.

David Ford said: “As Arlene Foster didn’t make the right decision on an EPA, we are pushing the Executive to take it instead. I hope that they do this at their meeting this afternoon. If they do not overturn her decision, the DUP and Sinn Fein will be seen as having no credibility on the environment. In particular, Sinn Fein has claimed to support an independent agency – now is the time for them to prove it.

“The Executive must see sense on this issue. Our environment must not be denied the protection it needs. Similarly, the will of the people must be upheld and I believe that a majority want to see the creation of an Environmental Protection Agency.”


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