Hendron condemns Cregagh Road racist attack

Alliance Belfast Councillor Maíre Hendron has condemned an attack on a house that police are treating as a racist hate crime. Two brick were thrown at a house on the Cregagh Road early on Thursday morning, and paint was thrown against the building. Two Polish families live there, one with two young children.

Cllr Hendron said: “This attack is totally despicable. People should be able to live here without fear of intimidation. The incident appears to be racist in nature, and the local community is sickened by it.

“Migrants play a vital role in our society and contribute much, both economically and culturally. We want to welcome them and make them feel at home here. It is the racist thugs that carry out such attacks who are not welcome in our community.

“The perpetrators of this hate crime are a danger to society and need to be taken off our streets. I would call on anyone with information about this attack to contact the police.”


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