Ex-water chief £266k payout is disgrace in current financial climate

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has expressed shock and annoyance at the £266k payout for former NI Water Chief Katharine Bryan and that NI Water will provide no explanation for this payout given the fact she resigned from the post. Katharine Bryan’s resignation followed news that NI Water had made massive errors in financial calculations which will mean local people having to foot the bill for the organisation’s mistakes.

Kieran McCarthy MLA stated: “This payout is absolutely scandalous given the current financial climate. Many people are facing financial meltdown and are having sleepless nights about paying their bills. People will face big water bills soon and this payout is an insult to the public.

“Katharine Bryan resigned from her post so we need to know how a payout like this can be provided. If NI Water will not explain their reasons for this massive payout then they deserve to be pilloried.

“We know that the massive errors in calculations NI Water made will mean that local people have to face bigger water bills in the future. This makes this ridiculous payout even harder to swallow.

“If NI Water has decided to provide such a massive payout, then the least they can do is expect to be quizzed on it and provide some explanations.”


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