Martin hails Queen’s Alliance Freshers day success

Alliance Youth Chair Stephen Martin hailed the success of Queen’s University Alliance in encouraging over 400 young people to sign up to their Child Poverty Campaign, as well as recruiting a record number of students to the Party during Queen’s Freshers day.

Stephen Martin said, “Queen’s Freshers’ Bazaar saw over 400 young people sign up to our petition on child poverty, calling on the Office of First Minister and deputy First Minister to tackle the issue urgently.

“The Executive continues to fail to meet, while all the time people see their living costs spiralling. We will simply not tolerate the Executive’s inaction. I commend all those who showed their support for our petition and assure them that Alliance Youth will continue to press for urgent action on child poverty.”

Queen’s Alliance Chair Michael Bower added “Wednesday’s record number of people joining Alliance shows that many are getting sick of the same old tired politics in Northern Ireland. It is clear that young people see Alliance as the real alternative to the politics of the past.”


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