Ekin says awareness of EU funding is vital for councils

Belfast Alliance Councillor Tom Ekin has said that awareness-raising on EU funding is very important for Councillors and council officers around Northern Ireland and he said he is pleased that NILGA has taken the initiative to raise awareness and that they recently held a conference on the issue.

Balmoral Councillor Tom Ekin said: “It is up to us to move a lot faster with more determination to access more funding. We need to make the most of every opportunity available to councils to help boost projects and our economy. I am pleased that NILGA has taken the initiative on awareness raising regarding EU funding.

“We need to have a ‘can do’ attitude. We need ambition and that will bring success. The key to accessing funding is to prevent prevarication and to take the initiative.

“We need to take radical decisions, be pro-active and show genuine leadership. We need a greater willingness to create partnerships between councils, community groups and businesses so that all possible opportunities can be unlocked.”


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