Alliance hits out at SDLP over hurtful PMS saver comments

East Belfast Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has blasted the SDLP’s Declan O’Loan for comments he made regarding the Presbyterian Mutual Society deal saying they were hurtful for PMS savers. His comments came in a press release on 31 October titled ‘O’Loan: Concern over proposed solution for PMS savers’, which can be seen on the SDLP website.

Chris Lyttle MLA says: “These comments provide a real flavour for how out of touch with the public mood the SDLP is. We have been contacted by a representative of the PMS savers and they informed us they are disappointed at Mr O’Loan comments. They feel very let down and want an explanation from Mr O’Loan.

“It is staggering that a public representative could be so thoughtless about people who could have potentially lost their life savings. If the SDLP is to have any credibility on this issue at all they must withdraw this statement and Declan O’Loan must provide an explanation for his comments immediately. He needs to understand the genuine hurt that his words have caused and take action to address this.

“PMS savers have already been through the mill waiting for news of a deal and Declan O’Loan’s comments rub salt into these open wounds. PMS savers need politicians standing up for them and should not have to face comments like those from Mr O’Loan.”


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