Progress needed on John Lewis whether Minister is involved or not

Responding to news that Minister Edwin Poots will not be involved any further in the John Lewis planning application process Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn said that it did not matter. He said that the only thing that matters is that progress is made

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Whether the Minister is involved or not, what I want to see is progress on the John Lewis plan. How long to people think this massive chain will hang about waiting for approval? They could quite easily set up elsewhere if there are many more delays, and that would be a nightmare scenario for Lisburn.

“I don’t care whether the Minister is involved or not. The only thing I care about in all this is doing what’s right for Lagan Valley and Northern Ireland – That means delivering more jobs and economic opportunities for people here. John Lewis will bring with it many positive outcomes and to squander this opportunity would be very disappointing.”


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