Dunlop selected for Alliance in North Antrim

Jayne Dunlop has been selected by the Alliance Party to stand in the forthcoming Westminster election in North Antrim. She says the party is the best alternative to tribal politics.

Jayne Dunlop said: “More than ever, Northern Ireland needs political representatives who will work together for the good of the entire community, putting aside political agendas to help every member of our diverse community. If elected I would work for everyone to improve health services, secure a first class education system, provide housing and employment opportunities, increase environmental awareness and improve the social structure of our community.

“For too long major issues have been sidelined by the continuing sectional politics inherited from our troubled past.

“My aim is to make North Antrim a more prosperous and united region where people can develop their talents and make a positive contribution to their local communities.

“Alliance believes in positive and constructive politics. We are delivering a shared future and it is Alliance that got the DUP and Sinn Fein to agree the new community relations strategy.”


Biography of Jayne Dunlop

Currently working in the library of the University of Ulster

Councillor for Ballymena North for four years. (1997 – 2001)

Member of Board of Governors of the Diamond Primary School

Trade Union representative for Unite working on behalf of university staff.

Former Chair of Ballymena Citizens’ Advice Bureau and former independent member of Ballymena District Policing Partnership.

Strong opponent of racism and sectarianism

Strong record on promoting the environment: promoting recycling over

landfill, promoting renewable energy.

Supporter of Fair Trade products and the alleviation of world poverty and injustice.

Dedicated to working for peace and reconciliation, and improved community


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