Simpson says people of Castlereagh deserve a new voice

Alliance Party Castlereagh Council by-election candidate Jonathan Simpson has said a vote for him in the forthcoming by-election is a vote for a new, positive voice.

Jonathan Simpson said: “People deserve a new voice in Castlereagh. The past few months have been very negative for politics and for Castlereagh and I want to help bring forward a new vision of positive, constructive politics.

” Alliance is a fresh alternative to the tired tribal approach which has failed on the economy and has failed to deliver better services.

“People are sick of out-of touch politicians and are angry at expenses and other scandals. I am angry about these issues too and I believe there must be transparency. Politicians must start listening to what the people want and realise that they need to be approachable.

“You can trust Alliance to find solutions when other parties are engaged in tribal rows and smear campaigns.

” Alliance is all about being positive and constructive. We are delivering a shared future and it is because of Alliance that the DUP and Sinn Fein have agreed a new community relations strategy. This is the first time a community relations strategy has ever been agreed during all of the periods of devolution.”


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