Dickson urges public to be wary of UKIP’s policies

Alliance Chief Whip Stewart Dickson has urged the public to be wary of the policies of the UK Independence Party following the news that independent MLA David McNarry is to join them.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “At last year’s election, the public voiced their opposition to the ideas and policies of UKIP, with only one Councillor being elected.

“I think the public need to be wary of the policies of UKIP included a reversal of the outright ban on smoking in public buildings. Most people would like to see the smoking ban going further such as banning public display of tobacco products or having plain packets rather than us backtracking on the original ban.

“UKIP based their entire Northern Ireland manifesto at the 2011 Assembly elections on leaving the European Union, they have no interest in local Northern Ireland matters. They are a single issue party.

“The public know all the parties in Northern Ireland, so I am very wary that the UKIP may try to pull the wool over the eyes of the public by not letting on what they truly stand for.”


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