Dickson welcomes Police decision to charge individuals following trouble at north Belfast parade

Alliance Justice spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has welcomed the decision by the police to charge five individuals following trouble during North Belfast parades this summer near St Patrick’s Church on Clifton Street. They have also charged a man with provocative conduct during the initial St Patrick’s dispute on 12th July.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I rightly condemn any action that breaks the law, whether it was the several incidents of violence that broke out, the provocative action of those at a parade or be it a breach of a Parade’s Commission ruling which is in effect the rule of law.

“I welcome the decision by the Police to charge those who were involved in the several incidents of violence, or provocative action outside a place or worship. This will send a message that this type of behaviour is not acceptable.

“I am disappointed that the First Minister Peter Robinson could not condemn the action of those who sang other songs apart from hymns as they marched past St Matthews in East Belfast during the Covenant Parade. We all need to recognise that we need a regulatory body for parades and in light of an alternative, the Parade’s Commission must be respected and their rulings abided by. All politicians have a duty to the public to condemn such action that is disrespectful to worshipers at St Matthews, from other denominations and none.”


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