Hendron slams DUP’s attempt to stall Irish Language sign

Alliance Councillor Máire Hendron has said the DUP’s attempt to delay the use of an Irish language Happy Christmas sign at Belfast City Hall was a cynical move on behalf of that party.

The Councillor for East Belfast was speaking after the latest meeting of Belfast City Council on Monday night, when Councillors agreed to erect a Happy Christmas sign in Irish at the east entrance of Belfast City Hall.

Councillor Hendron, a long-time supporter of the Irish language, said a late motion by the DUP to request the welcome sign feature all minority languages was a cynical ploy by the Party to halt plans for the Irish language sign.

Councillor Máire Hendron said: “The Alliance Party voted in favour of the original motion for an Irish language sign last night, as the Party felt the DUP’s late motion was an attempt to play party politics.

“The erection of an Irish language sign has been well researched and discussed among all Councillors and the decision by the DUP to request all minority languages be represented was a blatant ploy to destroy plans for an original sign.

“It was for this reason we had to vote against it.”

Chair of the Good Relations Partnership and various working groups dealing with diversity, Councillor Máire Hendron has been instrumental in co-ordinating cross-community projects and initiatives in Belfast City Council.

Councillor Máire Hendron said: “As the group leader of the Alliance Party on Belfast City Council, I have continued to promote and fight for a shared future for all of Northern Ireland.

“Through the Good Relations Partnership I have always worked hard to support measures that build community relations and remove divisions in our society.”

The local Councillor was has been instrumental in tackling controversial issues at Belfast City Council.

She added: “It is often left to the Alliance Party to cast the deciding votes on many controversial issues. Society as a whole is keen to move beyond the same old tribal politics in Northern Ireland. The Alliance Party is leading change, showing real leadership on Belfast City Council to develop a shared future for all.”

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