Dickson to meet FG Wilson officials

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson will meet FG Wilson officials in Larne next week to discuss the latest round of job cuts – which will see a further 760 job losses.

The meeting on Wednesday follows the MLA for East Antrim attending an emergency meeting of Larne Borough Council today (Friday) to address the crisis. Mr Dickson last met with FG Wilson in July when the company announced 160 job cuts.

Given the scale of the losses, Mr Dickson has called it a national economic blow and said politicians in Stormont and Westminster must get together with business leaders to address Northern Ireland’s economic situation.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “There are global factors at work in this decision and it is part of a trend that is affecting many businesses. Problems in the Eurozone have reduced demand, while it is increasing in the Far East, where there is also, in all likelihood, access to cheaper labour.

“Business leaders and politicians need to sit down and look at the areas in each company and across all sectors where we are competitive. The Government then needs to give as much support as possible to these areas, whether it is through grants, training, or other means.

“These are issues that I will raise during the meeting on Wednesday.

“I also want to welcome action taken by Larne Borough Council in calling an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the matter.

“I have made it clear that as a former manager in the Labour Relations Agency, I have a particular knowledge of employment issues and will make extra resources available in my offices in Larne and Carrickfergus for those who need information and assistance.”

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