Alliance Executive says economy must be top priority

The Alliance Party’s Executive Committee has said Northern Ireland’s economy must be the Assembly’s top priority in the coming weeks.

The monthly meeting of the Party’s Executive on Thursday night highlighted the need for the ailing economy to be seriously addressed, after FG Wilson announced major job cuts yesterday (Thursday).

The Alliance Executive – including DEL Minister Stephen Farry and Justice Minister David Ford – said Northern Ireland’s unstable economy and struggles for all businesses would be a key concern of all elected Alliance representatives in coming weeks and months.

Alliance Chief Whip Stewart Dickson MLA said: “The Alliance Party Executive was clear the Northern Ireland Assembly must be focussed on the economy, especially after the devastating jobs blow announced yesterday by FG Wilson.

“The loss of 760 jobs has made everyone take notice of the economy and how unstable it remains. My Constituency in East Antrim will be severely affected, as FG Wilson is a major employer in the area.

“The Assembly is due to debate parades and the centenary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant among other issues next week, and while these are important debates to have, the first focus must surely be on the ailing economy which has a direct impact on us all.

“And although we are to hear ministerial statements on Monday, this does not cut the need for an Assembly-wide debate on the economy. The First Minister and others need to be proactively sourcing outside investment and jobs for Northern Ireland, as well as creating home grown opportunities.”

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