Dickson: Suggested delays to Single Electricity Market are worrying

East Antrim Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has urged SONI to explain exactly where plans are with the Integrated Single Electricity Market (SIM), after reports the process was delayed.

Mr Dickson said that reports were especially worrying as Kilroot and part of Ballylumford power stations had already been earmarked for closure – a move dependent on the SIM being fully functional.

He added: “Already an extremely worrying time for workers employed at both sites, this crisis around SEM would suggest closure plans at our two local power stations should also be reconsidered.

“It is extremely unacceptable to treat workers in this way and SONI must explain immediately exactly how far along the move towards a single electricity market has gone.

“If reports are confirmed to be correct, then this would add weight to the argument that decisions regarding Kilroot and part of Ballylumford should be reconsidered and I will be meeting with SONI on Friday, May 11, to try and get answers for the many workers this directly impacts.”

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