Muir welcomes additional help to address taxi driver hardship

Alliance Infrastructure and Finance spokesperson has welcomed news the Infrastructure Minister will bring proposals for a second financial assistance scheme for taxi drivers to an Executive meeting tomorrow. Mr Muir, along with other members of the Infrastructure Committee, had raised concerns with the Minister that the initial support scheme for taxi drivers excluded those who […]

Muir disappointed by road safety grant rejections

Alliance Finance and Infrastructure spokesperson, Andrew Muir MLA, has said he’s disappointing that more than three-quarters of applications submitted by community groups for the Department for Infrastructure’s Road Safety Grant Scheme had been rejected. Mr Muir was speaking after he received confirmation from the Department that of the 61 applications submitted, 47 were rejected. A […]

Muir frustrated ‘vulnerable’ reservoirs still not revealed

Alliance MLA Andrew Muir MLA has said he is frustrated the Infrastructure Department has again refused to reveal details of reservoirs in urgent need of intervention works. In a response to a question asked by Mr Muir, the department said it was concerned over revealing ‘vulnerabilities’ in the reservoirs – despite the failure to properly […]

We must keep pushing for funding for Transport Hub, says Ferguson

Alliance Councillor Rachael Ferguson has said she hoped funding would soon be available to advance the planned Transport Hub project in the North West. The local Councillor was speaking after her colleague Andrew Muir MLA raised the issue with the Infrastructure Minister directly. Rachael said: “I’m delighted to hear plans are still in place for […]

Muir shocked at lack of parking enforcement in problem hotspots

North Down Alliance MLA Andrew Muir has said he is shocked at the lack of parking enforcement in popular tourist spots within his constituency. Mr Muir was speaking after receiving figures from the Department for Infrastructure detailing the low number of parking ticket notices issued in Seapark, Helen’s Bay and near Crawfordsburn Country Park. He […]

Alliance representatives call on Ministers to agree support package for taxi drivers and operators

Alliance representatives have called on the Economy and Infrastructure Ministers to urgently agree a support package for taxi drivers and operators in need of assistance during the pandemic. Andrew Muir MLA and Stewart Dickson MLA were speaking after meetings of the Assembly Economy and Infrastructure Committees today (Wednesday) where the issue was discussed. A support […]

Muir alarmed by lack of action over reservoir flooding risk

Alliance Infrastructure spokesperson Andrew Muir MLA has said he is alarmed, after it emerged significant safety issues exist at nine reservoirs in Northern Ireland, which are not expected to be dealt with until January 2022 at the earliest. There are 179 reservoirs in Northern Ireland with an estimated 83,000 people living and working in nearby […]

Hanvey: DFI must get serious about delivering sustainable travel

The Department of Infrastructure needs to get serious when it comes to delivering its sustainable travel goals, Alliance Councillor Eric Hanvey has said. The representative for South Belfast highlighted his disappointment in the attitude of the department to the issue, saying it was unacceptable that some officials merely paid lip service to the strategy. Speaking […]

Alliance statement following a Special Council meeting on Knock Iveagh

Alliance Councillor Eóin Tennyson has said it is now incumbent on the Department of Infrastructure to use their powers of enforcement or discontinuance to address the erection of a wind turbine on the site of a scheduled monument at Knock Iveagh, and to meet any costs associated with this process. He was speaking after a […]

Active Travel must remain a priority, says Lyttle

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has pushed the Infrastructure Minister to confirm if her plans to promote active travelling, including meeting the Bicycle Strategy objective, are on target. Raising the issue in the Assembly on Monday, Mr Lyttle pushed the Minister to consider an Active Travel Act, ensuring relative funding was diverted towards the scheme. He […]