Donnelly secures best ever vote share in West Tyrone

Alliance West Tyrone candidate Stephen Donnelly has spoken of his delight after achieving the Party’s best ever vote share in the area.

The local activist said the people of West Tyrone had responded positively to Alliance’s message of progressive politics, after the party picked up its best percentage vote share in West Tyrone despite a drop in turnout.

Stephen Donnelly said: “Given the fact it was a first past the post-election, which is always a difficult scenario for centrist parties to compete in, I am delighted our vote increased. Alliance is continuing to grow in West Tyrone and other areas, as proven over the past 12 months.

“It’s clear the voters of West Tyrone responded positively to the Alliance Party’s message of progressive politics, backing our pro-European credentials and trusting in us to provide the true alternative to the green and orange politics of division.

“Alliance received votes from across the board and our focus will now turn to next year’s Council elections, which judging by tonight’s results we will be well placed to take a seat here.

“I want to congratulate Órfhlaith Begley on her victory and my thanks also go to the other candidates, my team, but especially the voters who trusted in me to give them positive, progressive and pro-European representation at Westminster.

“However, it’s also clear people remain frustrated by the ongoing political impasse, which was reflected in the lower turnout throughout the constituency. It is this show of apathy that makes it more important than ever we get the Executive re-established and a return to locally accountable power-sharing.”

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