Dickson says we need to be innovative on public transport

On the day that changes to Metro bus services were introduced, Alliance Regional Development Spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA said Translink were sending out mixed messages with fewer buses on some routes yet the introduction of new ones, and he called for innovative approaches to try and encourage more people to use public transport.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “Translink is sending out very mixed messages with these changes to the Metro service, as we have fewer buses on some routes but also the introduction of some new routes. Communication is the key when changes are made to timetables and services and I sincerely hope that Translink have got the message across effectively to people about what the changes will mean for them.

“It is deeply frustrating that reductions are being made to some Metro services when we should be encouraging more people to use public transport.

“We need to be radical and innovative on public transport and that’s why it’s vital that we have an integrated bus and rail system and we should also be looking at providing train halts at our main airports.

“At this difficult time financially, many people may be considering leaving the car at home and using public transport to save money and we need to ensure a high quality, high frequency service to encourage more people onto public transport.”


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