Alliance motion on powers for councils to deal with abandoned building sites

Victoria Alliance Councillor Laura McNamee is tonight proposing a motion at Belfast City Council calling for the Minister for the Environment to grant discretionary powers to Councils to tackle the problems posed by abandoned building sites.

Cllr Laura McNamee said: “The current economic climate has led to many building projects being left uncompleted and with that has been left the carnage of abandoned building sites.

“Many sites are a massive eyesore for the community and I believe that the Minister for the Environment should afford councils the powers they deem necessary to tackle this issue.

“Often building materials have been left sitting at sites and this can pose serious safety risks. Sites can also present problems if people become involved in anti-social behaviour or vandalism at these locations.

“It is important that councils are given powers to enable them to proactively take the lead on this, but it’s also important that this is not just left up to councils alone because it is crucial that a multi-agency approach is taken. Powers regarding abandoned building sites will help enable local government to address key societal issues, like anti-social behaviour and environmental matters, and councils should be able to choose the powers they want and need in this field, and be able to work other agencies on this important issue.”


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