Dickson concern at car insurance prices

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has expressed serious concerns at Consumer Council research revealing that car insurance premiums are, on average, 84% higher than elsewhere in the UK and has expressed his support for an investigation into the impact of the cost of the legal process in Northern Ireland on the cost of insurance for customers.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “At a time when households are facing high food and fuel costs, expensive insurance only adds to the strain as they try to make ends meet.

“The exclusion of personal injury claims and claims for damages in respect of road traffic accidents from the Small Claims Court in Northern Ireland and higher compensation levels have been closely linked to the huge disparity in car insurance costs. It is therefore very important that we review these issues to ensure that drivers in Northern Ireland are not being charged more than other people in the rest of the UK. I wholeheartedly endorse the Consumer Council petition for the Assembly to take urgent action to reduce car insurance premiums and urge consumers to support it.”


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