Dickson calls on people to use Larne rail line to safeguard all services

East Antrim Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has encouraged people to use the Larne rail line to help safeguard its future and all of its services throughout its entire route.

The Alliance MLA said: “I promoted awareness regarding the importance of the route by raising the matter at the Assembly’s Regional Development Committee and I also pressed for the Larne Line Passenger Group (LLPG) to be allowed to place posters and leaflets publicising this campaign in stations along the line. Accordingly, I am delighted to back the LLPG’s campaign and I am proud to be able to have played a key role in ensuring the campaign has maximum impact in East Antrim.

“The rail route is vital to the people and economy of East Antrim and to keep the improved timetable and service people must ‘Use it or Lose it’, as the name of the LLPG campaign suggests.” Mr Dickson went on to say:

“People in the area must vote with their feet and use the service regularly to demonstrate how crucial it is to East Antrim. We must battle to safeguard this route now and demonstrate its popularity before it is too late.

“From an environmental perspective I would strongly encourage everyone in the area who commutes to Belfast by car, or who travels there regularly, to take the train and leave the car at home or in your local railway station car park. By doing this you will demonstrate to Translink that you are making the most of the route and ensure that the regularity of services is maintained along the whole of the Larne Line.”


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