Lo commends police following chase after a car is hijacked in South Belfast

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has commended the police officers who arrested a car hijacker following a chase in which three police officers were injured on Thursday night. The man arrested had hijacked the car of a woman on Windsor Road in South Belfast, but was stopped by police in West Belfast a short time later. The woman was threatened with a knife but was uninjured. Anna herself was the victim of an attempted car hijacking last week.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I am saddened that yet another person has been a victim following this latest car hijacking. This spate of car hijacking must stop now before somebody is killed.

“I hope that the woman who had her car hijacked will be able to get over what must have been an extremely scary incident. I know myself what it can feel like when this crime happens to you. My thoughts are with this woman and all the other who have had their car hijacked in recent weeks

“I would like to pay tribute to the police officers who were involved in this chase and commend them for arresting this individual. I hope that the police officers who were injured in this incident will be able to make a swift recovery.

“The police needs the public’s help in apprehending those responsible for these crimes, so to I would urge anybody with any information about these car hijackings to contact the police.


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