Democratic process being perverted: Alderdice

North Down Alliance candidate David Alderdice has stated that the democratic process is being perverted by dirty tricks.

Dr Alderdice stated: “I spoke to a number of people in Holywood and Bangor tonight who were confused by leaflets making out they were from Alliance but calling on people to support the Ulster Unionists at Westminster.

“These leaflets did not come from the Alliance Party, yet they have been deliberately branded as if they did.

“This is a deliberate perversion of the democratic process by people who haven’t the guts to stand up and defend their policies on their merits. Decent people wouldn’t do this sort of thing.

“Small wonder people are turning away from the democratic process if it degenerates to a level where people have to rely on such pathetic ploys to get a vote. But I am calling people to turn out in record numbers on polling day and send a clear message about what they think of such tricks — by voting Alliance, and by voting for honesty, integrity and progress.”


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