Decent Alliance candidate offers to help Ulster Unionists

Upper Bann Alliance candidate Alan Castle has offered to help the Ulster Unionists as they struggle to live up to their own standards of decency.

Mr Castle, also standing for council in Craigavon Central, stated: “It is clear from the shennanigans going on that in fact the Ulster Unionists are

desperate rather than decent. After all, their entire campaign is based around proving that Alliance shouldn’t stand anywhere rather than why it is a good idea to vote Ulster Unionist. Clearly this is because in fact it is a bad idea to vote Ulster Unionist!

“However, I am quite prepared to help them put up still more of those offensive “Decent People” posters. I know they’re not helping Mr Trimble very much, but they’re doing my campaign no end of good!

“To coin a phrase – decency works, desperation doesn’t…”


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