Waste of taxpayers’ money worse than ‘Yes Minister’: Lawther

Alan Lawther, Alliance candidate for Antrim South East, has pointed to another absurd decision made under direct rule, this time by the Department of Education.

“I would have laughed out at this if it had been an episode of ‘Yes Minister’, but this is the reality of being governed by unaccountable ministers and their bean counting civil servants.

“Templepatrick Primary School has expanded greatly in recent years and the building, which was designed for just one class in each year, is now supplemented by around 6 temporary classrooms and has two classes in

each year. The current school hall is filled to bursting, this is clearly unsafe when all the pupils are in it. The hall also has to double as a sports hall and eating area limiting the time when it is available for PE. There are no changing rooms for the children.

“The arguments for a new build have been strong for several years and fortunately the space is available on the site.

“The NEELB has finally recommended a new build — with exactly the same specifications! What nonsense to propose a new building, which immediately needs augmented with a temporary classroom and which offer no advantages over the current building!

“Direct rule has to end. This is our tax money they are spending. We have to have an assembly which is properly accountable to the electorate for its decisions. Only Alliance has the political vision to deliver it.”



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