Boyle condemns racist assault in Garvagh

Yvonne Boyle, Alliance Westminster Candidate for East Londonderry, has utterly condemned the assault on two Polish men in Garvagh in the early hours of Sunday (1 May).

Ms Boyle, who is involved in anti-racist training in the health service, said: “I condemn without reservation this assault on two local workers.”

One man is in Coleraine Hospital with injuries including a broken arm and the other has been traumatised. A man has been arrested in connection

with the attack. Local Police say that the details are currently unclear but a racial motive has not yet been ruled out.

Ms Boyle added: “Tension has been rising in the area recently with incidents of harassment at a local factory.

“It was through concern about the rise in hate crimes of any sort that Alliance successfully lobbied to have Hate Crimes Legislation introduced to Northern Ireland.

“Whatever the motive for this attack, people should not feel that they cannot go about their work or socialise without fear for their safety due to their nationality or ethnic background.”


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