Council or Department must take responsibility for grass cutting, says Long

Alliance Councillor Michael Long has said someone needs to take responsibility for grass cutting across Belfast, as a number of areas continued to grow out of control.
The local Councillor raised the issue at the latest meeting of Belfast City Council on Wednesday night, after a number of constituents contacted him to voice their concerns over the situation.
“Somebody needs to take responsibility,” Councillor Michael Long said, “As the summer continues we can’t continue with both the Council and the new Department for Infrastructure debating over who will tackle the issue directly.
“While a monitoring process is meant to be in place, it’s clear that this is falling short of the mark as a number of grass verges and green areas remain completely untouched or properly cut this season.
“Not only does this raise safety concerns for drivers, it also goes against the hard work undertaken to date to promote Belfast and attract a higher number of tourists, only for them to be met with an unsightly mess.
“The Council will be seeking a meeting with the new Minister for Infrastructure to address this situation and bring an end to growing concerns once and for all.”
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