Alliance announces new team of spokespeople

David Ford has unveiled Alliance’s team of spokespeople to shadow the new Executive Departments.

The team are made up of the party’s MLAs, with Deputy Leader Naomi Long covering Communities, Stephen Farry the Economy and Finance, Trevor Lunn Justice and Stewart Dickson the Executive Office.

New MLAs Paula Bradshaw and Kellie Armstrong will be spokespeople on Health and Infrastructure respectively, while Chris Lyttle has responsibility for Education as Deputy Chair of the Education Committee. Mr Ford will cover Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Affairs.

“These spokespeople will bring energy and vigour to their various areas of responsibility,” said Mr Ford.

“They each have expertise and a proven track record of delivery across the Departments. I am confident they will hold the relevant Ministers to account, while also providing a strong alternative based on the Alliance manifesto.

“Alliance knows fundamental changes are needed in order to get Northern Ireland to better sooner. These spokespeople will continue to stand up for the rights of everyone in the community by promoting positive politics with a strong voice from the opposition benches.

“Our spokespeople will also work with the Alliance policy groups in preparing a response to the Programme for Government.”

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