Council decision to scrap outdoor concert welcomed

Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell has welcomed the decision of Newtownabbey Council not to agree to the staging of a summer pop concert featuring McFly at Hazelbank Park on 15th August.

Speaking at the Council’s Monday night monthly meeting, Cllr Campbell was quoted in the Newtownabbey Times as pointing out that the promoter had made it clear that he was not in position to pay a non-refundable bond towards staging of the event, and so he believed that the proposal from the applicant was “unworkable, if the finance was not in place”.

Mr Campbell was quoted as asking Council chief executive, Mr Norman Dunn, if there would be implications for the Council and indeed for members themselves if they progressed the plans without a bond, and was informed such a move would not be recommended.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Campbell said: “I was concerned not only that the finance was not in place, the information on how it was to be run was not satisfactory and seemed to leave a lot to chance. Leaving this aside, with thousands expected and the sale of alcohol on site envisaged, problems could have been expected especially with the trees and shrubbery and potentially the other council facilities in the area if things got out of hand. Additionally, having a large crowd in an area where the sea is part of the landscape could have led to serious health and safety issues.”


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