Alliance moves to safeguard interests of flat owners

Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA is planning to introduce laws that will protect apartment and townhouse owners against rogue management agents. Apartment and townhouse owners usually pay management agents to carry out maintenance of corridors, lifts and the grounds in developments, yet people are finding that if disputes arise with management agents they have little legal recourse.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “We have heard so many horror stories from constituents who are paying significant amounts of money for terrible service that I have decided to put forward a Bill to protect people from unscrupulous property management agents.

“People buy homes not just as somewhere to live, but as an investment for their future. If the value of their home is being diminished by the failure of a management agent to carry out maintenance, owners need strong legal recourse. There is currently little legal provision on this matter and that is why Alliance is planning to create legislation which will stop rogue property management agents from ripping people off.

“This is an issue which has caused flat and homeowners many sleepless nights. Some people have faced lengthy legal battles to resolve problems and reputable management agents’ reputations are in tatters because of rogue elements in the industry.

“This is about bringing power to the people and helping reputable property management agents. There is a real need for such laws in Northern Ireland, as people remain with few safeguards against rogue management agents.”


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