Coleraine job losses show that we need real power sharing now

Coleraine Alliance Councillor Barney Fitzpatrick has condemned the government over their announcement that 260 jobs will be lost at the town’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices. He stated that the job losses illustrate the need for genuine power sharing so that local matters can be addressed effectively.

Cllr Barney Fitzpatrick said: “The promise that the Minister made in July 2005 that most of these jobs will remain in Coleraine looks like it has been broken.

I am extremely unhappy at this decision. It illustrates the need for everyone to get devolution up and running again so that we can make the right decisions for Northern Ireland.

“Local politicians must stand up, take responsibility and show leadership on this issue. For too long the sectarian parties have concentrated on tribal timewasting and ignored the problems which we must tackle on employment and the economy.

“This is yet another bodyblow to local people which has been handed down by direct rule dictators in Westminster.

“The sooner the DUP and Sinn Fein stop wasting time, the sooner we can all address such matters locally.”


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