Alliance condemns government over Coleraine job losses

Coleraine Alliance Party Representative Yvonne Boyle has blasted the government for taking 260 away from Coleraine. The government has announced that it axe 260 jobs in the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices in Coleraine and move the work to Swansea. She demanded the government to put in place measures to ensure that people can find alternative employment in the area.

Yvonne Boyle said: “The government have dealt a terrible blow to the local economy by getting rid of these 260 jobs.

“The government must put in place a strategy to ensure that the people affected by these cuts are given every possible assistance to help them find new jobs in the area.

“These cuts mean that more than half of the people in the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices in Coleraine will lose their job.

“This is a very difficult time of the year when many people are facing financial worries following the festive period and this a real blow for the Coleraine area.

“The government stated that centralisation will benefit motorists but this excuse is absolutely no use to people in Coleraine. The government must act now to help those affected by this announcement and to create new jobs in the wider Coleraine area.”


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