Dickson angry over Translink’s broken promise on Larne trains

East Antrim Alliance Assembly candidate Stewart Dickson has expressed his anger with Translink for breaking their promise to consult with the Larne Line Passengers’ Group over the Larne train service. Translink are publishing a new Larne timetable without consulting with the passengers’ group, despite their public promise to do so. Larne Line Passengers’ Group emailed Translink on several occasions to give them the opportunity to consult, yet they were ignored by the company.

Carrickfergus Councillor Stewart Dickson said: “It is an absolute disgrace that Translink broke their public promise to consult with the Larne Line Passenger Group over the new train timetable.

“I am very angry about the sheer disregard shown by Translink for local people. In changing this vital service without consultation Translink has potentially made life very difficult for commuters and local people who use the service.

“I am appalled at the audacity of Translink to have given a public promise to the passenger group then later snub them regarding the new timetables.

“The passenger group offered Translink numerous opportunities to consult on changes to the service but they have been totally ignored.

“Translink are turning local people into third class citizens with a third class train service.

“This broken promise merely heightens everyone’s suspicions that Translink are trying to cut the service in the area or alter the train times to the detriment of local people.

“I hope that Translink is not trying to hide something from the Larne Line Passenger’s Group.”


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