Dickson asks Translink – Improvements, what improvements?

East Antrim Alliance Assembly Candidate Stewart Dickson has hit out at newly-announced changes to train timetables in the Larne area. The new Translink timetables which have been published today reveal that commuter’s main 8am train will cease to run.

The Carrickfergus Councillor said: “In their new timetable, Translink have stopped running their vital 8 am train from Larne to Belfast. This train allows people to get into work before nine and is an essential service for local commuters.

“Commuters have serious concerns over these new train times as they mean that many will not be able to get to work on time.

“These changes are a very bitter pill to swallow following revelations that the Larne Line Passengers’ Group had been snubbed by Translink after they publicly promised to consult with them over the new timetable.

“Translink have stated that this new timetable offers an improved service, and I strongly dispute this claim.

“The fact remains that the whole timetable relies on 50-year-old rolling stock which breaks down on an all too regular basis. Its time that Translink made some positive moves to improve the service instead of offering spin and gloss on changes to an already poor service.”


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