Cochrane welcomes PSNI policing commitments

East Belfast Alliance candidate Judith Cochrane has welcomed news that the PSNI has published ten new policing commitments and is sending them to homes across Northern Ireland.

Judith Cochrane said: “This is a very positive development. The PSNI are showing that they are delivering on the ground and are pledging to continue their good work. This is exactly the type of engagement that is vital and is of paramount importance in maintaining high confidence in our policing service.

“It is also worth also emphasising the achievements of David Ford as Justice Minister since the devolution of justice just over a year ago. David has delivered arguably the most ambitious and comprehensive piece of legislation that the Assembly has ever seen in the Justice Bill, which has placed greater emphasis on the needs of victims and delivered alternatives to prosecution to enable more effective delivery of justice.

“David has addressed the issue of legal aid to deliver more value for money and he secured an extra £245m of funding to tackle terrorism over the next four years, as well as overseeing the launch of a programme to deliver more efficiency in the prison service. He also launched a consultation on sentencing guidelines mechanisms to improve transparency and clarity on this very important issue. This is what Alliance can do, leading change at the centre of government.”


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