Dickson glad DUP coming round to Alliance vision of tackling cost of division

Following the launch of the DUP’s election manifesto today, East Antrim Alliance Candidate Stewart Dickson said he is glad to see that the DUP is finally coming round to the Alliance Party’s vision of a society free from segregation. The DUP’s manifesto outlines where DUP Ministers will seek to reduce spending on division.

Stewart Dickson said: “It appears that the DUP believes Alliance is right in our long-standing campaign to tackle the cost of division and it seems that they are trying to jump on our bandwagon. Alliance has led the way on tackling segregation. We are glad that others are following us and we hope they deliver on their words.

“While it’s good to see the DUP coming on-board our campaign to tackle segregation, it is however very regrettable that it took them so long to do so. So much time has been lost because of some parties’ unwillingness to tackle the massive problem of division in our society. This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. We all need to work together to start saving the £1 billion wasted on division annually.”


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