Cochrane: RBS commitment to Ulster Bank will be welcome relief

Alliance Finance spokesperson Judith Cochrane has said news RBS is committed to making sure Ulster Bank remains part of its core business would be a welcome relief for many customers.

Announcing its third quarter financial results today, RBS confirmed it would take steps to ensure Ulster Bank had a solid platform to offer the best service for customers in Northern Ireland in the future.

Judith Cochrane MLA said: “Throughout 2013 RBS has constantly recorded poor results, leaving many concerned about what this would mean for the future for Ulster Bank.

“While this news is positive the coming months remain an important time until we see the affect today’s announcement will have.

“The RBS group has yet to detail how it will improve Ulster Bank and it still has to participate in a group-wide review early next year, however today’s announcement will go a long way in rebuilding public confidence in the bank’s reputation and services.”

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