Long: Clear responsibility to deliver what the public expects

Speaking ahead of the second round of Haass talks, Alliance East Belfast MP Naomi Long said: “These talks have already garnered a high level of public interest, with many placing high expectations that they will deliver real results.

“Today’s talks completes the first phase of this process and there is a clear responsibility on everyone at the table to raise their game and deliver what the public expects.

“Over the past year we have seen an increase of lawlessness and violence on the streets and this, coupled with a lack of legislation and decision making at the Assembly, has left people frustrated, seeking real leadership which all involved in this process could deliver

“Failure of the Haass talks will only leave us worse off in the long-run and all parties must prove their commitment to this process and to finding lasting solutions.

“Alliance has the vision to deliver real change for everyone in Northern Ireland, with clear actions and proposals to achieve the shared future the majority want to see become a reality.”

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