Lo: DUP has ulterior motive in attacking my record on Human Trafficking

Alliance MLA Anna Lo has again highlighted her record as a campaigner against human trafficking and questioned the motives behind comments made by DUP MLA Brenda Hale on the issue.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I must question the real motive behind Brenda Hale and the DUP in highlighting comments made in a different context over three years ago.

Alliance has led the way when it comes to campaigning against human trafficking. Not only did I form Stormont’s All Party Group on the issue, but my party colleagues have hosted events to inform others on the topic.

“Justice Minister David Ford has also taken great strides to tackle the problem, publishing the first human trafficking action plan for Northern Ireland and through his department’s Organised Crime Task Force’s immigration and human trafficking subgroup.

“I am confident my constituents in South Belfast are aware and respect my record as a campaigner against human trafficking and support the hard work I undertake for everyone in the area.”

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