Clarke criticises continued cuts at Downe Hospital

Alliance Down Councillor Patrick Clarke has criticised the continued ‘chipping away of services’ from Downe Hospital.

The local Councillor spoke out after it was revealed the latest round of cuts would see the hospital’s coffee bar and shop close. The move follows a recent decision to significantly reduce the house of support staff and ended overtime payments in the transport department.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “I am really concerned at the level of cuts being made at Downe Hospital, which is still a relatively new facility in the area.

“The recent cuts already made to support staff are worrying enough, without targeting the hospitality sector on the premises which adds some comfort to both patients and visitors.

“I understand the Health Trust is trying to reduce a £7 million deficit, but I would appeal to them to look at other options to address this. Public confidence is being seriously undermined by the current cost cutting methods.

“I will be writing immediately to both the Health Minister Edwin Poots and the Chief Executive of the South Eastern Trust Hugh McCaughey to highlight my concerns about the continuing chipping away of services.”


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