Clarke calls for concrete gateposts to be removed from Dundrum tourist spot

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke is calling on Down District Council to remove concrete agricultural gateposts adjacent to the entrance of the scenic Greenbanks tourist picnic area along Main Street in Dundrum. The Greenbanks was extensively upgraded in 2011 with new pathways, picnic area as well as signage and landscaping, and is a popular tourist spot throughout the year.

Councillor Patrick Clarke stated: “I am calling on Down District Council to remove the agricultural concrete gateposts which were put in place originally back in 2010 with a gate to prevent vehicles from entering the grassed area of the Greenbanks.

“The gateposts then remained in place to hold a construction site gate during the redevelopment of the Greenbanks back in 2011, which has now been removed with the exception of the agricultural concrete gateposts.

“Given that the Greenbanks has now been extensively upgraded and redeveloped and security posts are now in place to prevent vehicles entering the grassed area of the Greenbanks, I see no purpose in the concrete agricultural gateposts remaining at the entrance close to Main Street.

“Apart from being unsightly and out of keeping with the new signage and landscaping I have now requested that Building and Estates Department remove the agricultural concrete posts from the entrance of the Greenbanks along Main Street Dundrum.”


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