Cavanagh re-elected Alliance President

Derryman Colm Cavanagh was re-elected President of the Alliance Party at their AGM on Saturday 28 February in Newtownabbey. A member of the Foyle Constituency Association since 1998, he is also a member of the Party’s Executive Committee and of its Policy Sub-Committee. His main concerns are economic development and reconciliation – or as he would put it “jobs and de-segregation”.

Colm Cavanagh said: “In my own city of Derry only one adult in two is actually in employment. Developing the Northern Ireland economy and creating jobs is absolutely crucial – and since we are already so heavily dependent on the public sector, this can only mean growing the private sector. Every business from corner shops, to self-employment, to the social economy to multi-nationals is important to Northern Ireland. Our aim must be to become economically self-sufficient. That will be an extremely difficult task, and there’s a very long way to go.

“A united community will do much better than a divided one. De-segregating our society in Northern Ireland will benefit everyone. The £1 billion that is currently wasted annually maintaining a segregated society could be better spent on vital frontline services.”


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