Neeson hails Larne wind power boost

East Antrim Alliance MLA Seán Neeson has welcomed a wind power scheme which could provide 200 construction jobs. Mr Neeson said that this initiative is the type of sustainable project needed to protect our economy and our environment during the downturn. The scheme will use compressed air to create energy and will be based at Larne Lough.

Seán Neeson MLA said: “This scheme is a welcome boost for the constituency, the economy and the environment. This is a ground-breaking initiative, and shows the type of radical vision we need to address the effects of the downturn.

“We need to take a sustainable approach to strengthening our economy and to energy provision during these times of economic turmoil and rising energy bills.

“There are also studies ongoing about the storage of natural gas under Larne Lough. It makes sense to develop reserves to ensure continuity and security of supply.

“This wind power project will create a large number of much-needed jobs for construction sector and will help us to better reach the potential we have on green energy here.”


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