Campbell warns people to be vigilant about scams

Newtownabbey Alliance Party Councillor Tom Campbell has warned members of the public to be vigilant to emails seeking to access and remove money from their bank account.

Councillor Tom Campbell, a solicitor and former Chairman of Newtownabbey District Policing Partnership, said that he had received an email to his work address seeking information online about his account. Cllr Campbell said he did not have an account with the bank concerned and his suspicions were naturally alerted.

He said: “The emails look genuine and carry a very realistic looking logo from the bank concerned. They carry a link to what appears on the surface to be a website from the bank mentioned in the email. It appears to relate to administrative changes to the online banking system. The unwary could be taken in by this.”

Cllr Campbell concluded: “Ironically in a bid to “reassure” the customer, it claims that the email is to safeguard the customers’ identity and accounts. It is very unlikely that your bank would approach you in such a manner. I would urge that great care is taken when asked to give your identity or sensitive information, such as bank account details. I note that on the link provided it is not possible to open the contact details on the email I received, for obvious reasons.”


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