Jones disgusted at spate of incidents against pensioners

East Belfast Alliance Councillor Mervyn Jones has expressed anger at those who punched and attempted to rob a woman in her 70s on North Road in the east of the city and those who got into another pensioners home in Oberon Street. The incidents took place around 8pm last night and Saturday afternoon.

Cllr Mervyn Jones said: “How could someone ever stoop so low as to assault a pensioner or break into their home. These incidents took place in safe, residential areas and people here are aghast at the news. The cowards who were involved in these incidents must swiftly be brought to justice.

“We have seen a sickening spate of attacks on older people in Northern Ireland in recent days. I would however like to assure older people that incidents of this nature are generally extremely rare.

“Anyone who can assist police on these matters should call them immediately to ensure these thugs can be put behind bars.”


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